• Time Change Reminder: Sunday March 12, 2023

    Just a friendly reminder that with the time change this Sunday it is the perfect time to double check the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors! If your detector uses replaceable batteries, even if they are just back ups for hardwired units, it is a good idea put in fresh new ones, even if they aren’t that old (you can always keep the old batteries and use them in your TV remotes). If your detectors use built-in lifetime batteries, you should still test your detectors and double check their expiry dates to ensure they are up to date and working properly!

  • Emergency Preparedness Guide 2023

    Check out the updated Emergency Preparedness Guide provided by Hastings County. Emergency Preparedness Week is coming up during the first week of May, but it’s never too early to review and ensure you’re as read for and emergency as possible! You can preview and download your own copy here.

  • March – Monthly Safety Tips

    Spring is almost here! Let’s welcome the warmer weather, the fresh air, and another chance to keep fire safety fresh on your mind. Check out the page below for some relevant safety tips for March! Additionally you can also check out safety tips for other months by selecting “Monthly Fire Prevention & Safety Tips” under the Fire Prevention drop down menu above or click here.


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