Fire Safety Plan Templates

Check the table for the Fire Safety Plan template that is applicable for you.  Instructions for filling out the templates can be found below the table.

No Fire Alarm SystemNo Fire Alarm:  Any building or section there of which does not require a Fire Alarm system and that has Smoke / CO Alarms that are not interconnected.
Interconnect Smoke AlarmsInterconnected Smoke Alarms:  Any building or section there of (residential, commercial, both) which does not have a Fire Alarm System but does have Smoke Alarms and possibly a manual pull station located near a main entrance that are wired together so that the activation of one alarm or pull station will activate all alarms that are connected to it.
Single Stage Fire Alarm SystemSingle Stage Fire Alarm System:  Any building or section there of which has a Fire Alarm system that causes an alarm signal (typically three short beeps or steadily ringing bell/whistle) to sound upon the operation of any Manual Pull Station or Fire Detector (smoke, heat, etc). 
Two Stage Fire Alarm SystemTwo Stage Fire Alarm System:  Any building or section there of which has a Fire Alarm system that causes an “alert” signal (typically 1 long beep / bell ring or short coded beeps for location) to sound as a warning of a Manual Pull Station or Fire Detector operation.  If the warning signal is not acknowledged by staff, or a second Pull Station/Fire Detector is activated the Alarm system will sound a full alarm tone (typically three short beeps or steadily ringing bell/whistle).
Fire Safety Plan – RestaurantRestaurant:  Emergency Procedures and supervisory staff requirements related to commercial kitchens and kitchen suppression systems.

How to Fill Out A Template:

Step 1: Select and download the appropriate template based on the table above. You will require a .doc editing program such as Microsoft Word to fill in the document. The mobile version of Word does work but not as well as the desktop version for this purpose.

Step 2: Open template document in editor of choice. Editing the template is limited to filling in the blank form fields (grey boxes) and check boxes. Begin with the business name and address as labeled on the cover page.

Step 3: Fill out all of the form fields as best as possible. Keep information as short as possible as there is limited space. If you require additional space to input information there are several “Additional Information” pages through out which can be used and referred to in the original form field. If there is a particular section that does not apply to the building (eg: there are no sprinklers in your building) especially under Part 11: Maintenance Requirements of Building Fire & Life Safety Systems, then fill in the form fields for that section with “N/A” for Not Applicable.

Step 4: If you already have a Site Plan and/or Floor Plan available they can be submitted along with an applicable legend as separate documents. Otherwise please print our the plan pages under Part 12, draw out the plans as best as possible, and submit them with the filled out template.

If you have any questions regarding with template to use or how to fill out the templates please contact the Bancroft Fire Department at 613-332-2442 or and we would be happy to help.