Main Causes of Fire

Did You Know?

In two out of every three fatal fires, investigators find no working smoke alarms. Either the batteries are missing or expired, or the smoke alarm has been removed from the ceiling or was never installed at all.

There are 20,000 house fires in Canada in an average year, resulting in 300 deaths and more than $500 million of property damage. What are the three main causes of fire?

Carelessness and accidents

  • Lack of attention when cooking; careless placement of items near the stove.
  • Inattentive use of candles.
  • Accidents involving gas, propane and solvents.
  • Bad judgment or lack of care as a result of intoxication or drug use.

Electrical equipment

  • Short circuits
  • overloaded systems and fuses
  • Loose connections
  • frayed cords; improper use of extension cords.

Smoking or fire lighting material

  • Cigarettes (especially falling asleep while smoking or not properly extinguishing cigarettes).
  • Children playing with matches or lighters.