Take the Quiz – Emergency Preparedness Week 2023

Take the short quiz below to test your knowledge about Emergency Preparedness! The first 5 questions are multiple-choice followed by 6 “True or False” questions.

Multiple Choice:

1. A family emergency plan should NOT include which of the following?
2. How many litres of water per day per person should you have in your basic emergency kit?
3. Which tool allows you to learn about historical information on disasters which have directly affected Canadians, at home and abroad, over the past century?
4. When does Emergency Preparedness Week (EP Week) occur?
5. Which of the following items should NOT be included in a basic emergency supply kit?

True or False?

6. Water can be purified with soap.
7. You can walk through moving flood waters as long as the water level is no higher than your waist.
8. Tape prevents window glass from shattering during a hurricane.
9. Roughly 5,000 earthquakes are recorded in Canada every year.
10. Tornadoes occur only in the spring.
11. Destructive hail storms occur most often in late spring and in the summer.

How did you do? If you’d like to take the quiz again simply refresh this page. See how other members of your family do with the quiz, then take the opportunity to sit down together and discuss your answers while checking over your 72 hour emergency kit!