Grades 2/3/4 Classes – Saved By The Beep Colouring Submissions

As part of the “Saved By The Beep” campaign we visited our local elementary schools and talked with over 500 students about the importance of smoke alarms, what they do, and how to test them. To help us spread this important message we asked the students to participate in a colouring contest, with the higher grades also having the option to create their own posters and displays regarding smoke alarm safety.

To show our appreciation for all of the wonderful work that the students have done in colouring and creating their own posters, we’ve create slide shows of the work submitted per school/class. Starting with the Kindergarten classes, we will be posting all of the submissions every week day over the next week or so. We have removed names for the sake of privacy.

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Here are the entries from Hermon Public School’s Grade 2/3 class:

Here are the entries from Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School’s Grade 3/4 class:

Here are the entries from York River Public School’s Grade 3/4 class:

Stay tuned for more! If you would like to print and colour your own, you can find the template below. Just click and download: