Safety Reminder: Keep Fire Away From Oxygen Machines

Please remember, if you or a loved one is using any kind of Oxygen Concentrator to assist with breathing, do not smoke or have any open flames near by. Oxygen machines not only supply a person with concentrated oxygen, but enrich the surrounding area with it too. The air around a user, even their hair and clothes become enriched with oxygen well above that of normal breathing air, and thus will burn much more vigorously and quickly than normal. This can lead to severe burn injuries, and even cause an active fire to spread to your surroundings and put your home at risk. Never smoke, nor keep lit candles near you when using an Oxygen Concentrator.

Also, the same risks can come from using e-cigarettes. The heating element used to vaporize the liquid solution within, or a small spark from a faulty battery or charging cord, could lead to ignition of the oxygen saturated air near by.

Please ensure you follow all instructions and guidelines developed by your doctor as well as the manufacturer of your Oxygen Concentrator.

For more information or assistance with smoking cessation, call Hastings Prince Edward Public Health toll free at 1-800-267-2803, or check out their website linked below.